Welcome to #ASPIR8R:

#ASPIR8R™ Benefits and Use

The #ASPIR8R™ has a flange secondary to the manufacturer's syringe flange. This secondary flange attaches to the syinge barrel proximal to the manufacturer's flange, and sandwiches the fingers between the two flanges to stop the fingers from sliding forward during Aspiration. 

Also during Aspiration, the plunger is pulled back by the thumb. #ASPIR8R™ attaches to the plunger, providing a comfortable open ring that easily accommodates the thumb. The loop of the ring holds the thumb securely while pulling the plunger back. 

With increased control and hand stability the #ASPIR8R™ enables an effortless single handed pull back and push forward on the plunger without movement in the placement of the needle tip.

Any lateral torque on the plunger which is commonly fatiguing in injections, is centered back to the middle of the plunger by the Thumbring. This can relieve tension on the hand. Find out if this is easiest for you!


#ASPIR8R is Totally Custom 

How to Choose the Right Size

#ASPIR8R™ attaches to the proprietary syringes of the most popular, most used, dermal fillers currently approved for use in the USA by the FDA. To achieve this, #ASPIR8R™ is configured in 4 sizes to accommodate those syringes. 1-3 sizes are dedicated to filler syringes. The 4th fits on BD 3mL syringe (REF 309657), which is often used for Lidocaine, and various other injections, in medical practices. 

By accommodating multiple custom sizes, we offer uniform injection comfort and control across brands. 

#ASPIR8R™ fits on the following filler brand syringes in the following sizes:

#ASPIR8R™ Small    - Restylane, Restylane-L, Perlane by Medicis

                                 This syringe has a glass barrel, white flange and plunger.

#ASPIR8R™ Medium - Refyne and Defyne syringes by Medicis

#ASPIR8R™ Large    - Juvederm by Allergan and Radiesse by Merz

                                 Juvederm products are in the new syringe which has

                                 soft overmolding on the plunger & its new larger flange. 

#ASPIR8R™ BD3ML  - Bectin Dickenson 3mL REF 309657